Hi! I’m Dani.

I’m an evangelical pastor, leader, theologian and author whose ministry focus lies in resourcing Christian individuals & communities on biblical singleness, sexuality, worldview formation & other related topics.

Other (possibly) important facts to know about me:

  • I’m from Sydney Australia

  • I’m a Rev’d Dr but only tend to use either of those titles on formal documentation if it might put me in the running for a plane ticket upgrade

  • I’ve got a book coming out with IVP in 2022

  • I am the founding director of Single Minded a ministry whose vision is to teach what the bible says about singleness, marriage, sexuality, identity, relationships and other stuff.

  • I’m an aunt three times over

  • I have an absolutely unapologetic obsession with the musical Les Miserables.

  • I love Jesus.​

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Dani Treweek

Resourcing the Church in singleness, sexuality, worldview formation & more. BA, BDiv, PhD. Director of singleminded.community. Find me at danielletreweek.com